Dish 7: Beef Bourguignonne


19. That’s the number of ingredients in my dish of choice for June. Sound like a lot of work? It was. This common French dish took upwards of 2.5 hours to prepare, and that was with an extra set of hands!

I lucked out on ingredient searching, and delegated out the task. I did, however, have to make a special trip to the liquor store because this recipe calls for brandy and red wine. Sorry to those who are not 21, this will be another of the dishes you will just have to wait for…or make someone older prepare it for you.

After gathering together all of the ingredients, I set to work preparing the recipe. The first two steps of the recipe for Beef Bourguignonne, which I found at, called for cooking the meat portions (bacon and flat iron steak). While my other set of hands was helping with the meat, I read on to the next step which got me excited.

The massive roll of kitchen twine that I had purchased for Dish Four: Epaule d’Agneau Rôtie (Roasted Lamb Shoulder), was going to come back full force into my kitchen to be used to tie together a “bouquet garni”. Sounds fancy right? This specific “bouquet” entailed tying together celery, fresh thyme, parsley, bay leaf and garlic.

Meanwhile, aromas of carrots, onions, bacon and flat iron steak wafted through my kitchen. After adding brandy, red wine and the bouquet garni to the mix and bringing to a boil, I popped the stew pot into the oven for 1.5 hours to really bring out the flavors.

While this was all simmering in the oven, I peeled ¾ cup worth of pearl onions and carmelized them in skillet with a sugar/water/butter mix. After the pearl onions were carmelized, I added the diced mushrooms to the mix, and eventually added this mix to the rest of the recipe when it was ready to come out of the oven.

For all of the hard work and time that went into making this dish, I’m not sure that it would be a repeat for my recipe box. The finished product was very tasty, but overall, it didn’t blow me away with any outstanding flavor.

Natalie Nielsen, International Food Blogger

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